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This patient wanted to replace white fillings that kept chipping. The patient wanted something that would be more durable and esthetic. We decided to place partial veneers. This is a very conservative procedure that requires only minimal prepping of the teeth!

 Before partial veneers
This is another case of a young man that broke one of his front teeth. Again we did not want to have to crown his front tooth and decided to place a partial veneer. These are made of porcelain and are bonded to the teeth. 

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

This patient wanted a more attractive smile. His job involved public appearances.  He wanted as conservative treatment as possible.

The brown and intense white stains were removed with microabrasion.  His teeth were whitened and spaces closed with bonding.

Bonding Front Before

Bonding Front After

Cosmetic Dental Bonding and Kor Whitening

This patient had cosmetic bonding to close spaces 24 years ago.  The bonding and the teeth were stained.  She also disliked the shape and alignment of her teeth but did not want orthodontic treatment. After Kor Whitening the old composite was removed and replaced to match the new shade.  The shape, alignment, and crowding were corrected with bonded composite.  


Porcelain Bonded Bridge to replace Missing Lateral Incisor

This tooth is congenitally missing.  Having just finished orthodontics, it was felt that this patient was too young to replace the tooth with an implant.   The bridge is bonded securely to only one tooth, which has had no preparation, making this restoration completely reversible.  It is easy to floss.  It can be a temporary restoration until she is old enough for an implant or it can serve indefinitely.